Hart in Chairish

Beloved by interior decorators and tastemakers alike, Chairish is an online "emporium of style," offering a curated selection of rare vintage, antique, and contemporary pieces. 

With an ethos of encouraging homes filled with meaningful furniture, it only makes sense that our founder Hart give her two cents on her favorite picks. An expert in intentional charm jewelry and meaningful talismans, read Hart's feature Q+A and learn how she sees meaning in both jewelry and home. 

The Charming World Of Jeweler Hart Hagerty

Hart in Chairish
Hart with her dogs Bluebell and Gunther

Chairish: What trends are you seeing in jewelry? Are we in a “more is more” phase or “minimal mode”?

Hart: As many of us begin to tire of the zeitgeist around quiet luxury, I am seeing a shift back toward the playful, personal, and eclectic—especially in jewelry and accessories. I love a “more is more” neck-mess worn with a classic white button down shirt or striped marinière tee. String a fine antique locket on a red leather cord. Find that funky shell or seed bead necklace from your travels. Mix it all together with one of our charm necklaces. I’m over the head-to-toe-anonymous-rich-mom-beige-neutrals and ready to have some fun with more colorful self-expression! Conversely, I love a simple charm necklace mixed with eye-catching dresses by (my cousin) Louisa Ballou.

Hart in Chairish
Hart at her home in the Shaded Howlite Gemstone Necklace26" Chunky ChainMemento Mori Skull CharmPuffy H with StarPuffy C with Star

Chairish: What is your main source of inspiration motif wise?

Hart: My designs reflect a myriad of inspiration—from Art Deco locketsancient talismansVictorian love tokens, to 80s French vintage costume jewelry, and the palette of my muse Helen Frankenthaler. Most of all, I am endlessly inspired by charms as spiritual tokens. Symbols for letting go, staying strong, trusting the universe, honoring loved ones. These precious little symbols remind me to practice gratitude, stay rooted, and keep evolving. It’s a never-ending journey for self-discovery and I often ask myself, “what charm do I need in my spiritual toolkit?” For example, I recently heard thought leaders discussing the topic of self-worth; feeling truly worthy of what you want to call in, and how we tend to limit our lives based on lack of worthiness. How does that notion come to life as a charm? I am not sure yet… but I know it would be helpful to wear it around my neck everyday!

Hart in Chairish
Green Chrysoprase Gemstone Necklace, 26" Long Link Chain, Letter C Charm, Letter H Charm, Cracked Heart Charm (small), Wing Charm, Always Disc

Chairish: What similarities do you see with jewelry and home?

Hart: The most captivating—and comfortable—homes authentically reflect the values, style, and interests of its owner. The same goes for jewelry. There’s nothing cooler than seeing someone rocking a mix-mash of inherited gold heirloomsgorgeous gemstones, a soulful charm necklace… along with humble shell beads and a playful plastic bracelet a child made for them. Similarly, I love homes with personal artwork (like the beach photographs by my brother in law, Anderson Wrangle) and a mix of antiques with modern, sourced from travels with neighborhood thrifts, high meets low. My home design and my jewelry box share that eclecticism and authenticity. My hope is that our customers will create something deeply unique from our myriad of charms—from classic Roman coin reproductions to green enamel memento mori skulls—that reflects their style and deepest heart desires.

Hart in Chairish