Style Guide: CORDS

Our cords are an easy way to add a layer of color to any outfit. 

See how we recommend styling our cord collection with outfits for all types of summer activities, from airport to arrival. 

What to wear OTW to summer vacation:

An airport easy, chic, and comfortable outfit for all the vacays you're jetting off to.

Navy cotton button down, boyfriend jeans, colorful belt, Fisherman Sandals (Freda Salvadore). 

Aqua Cord, Fish Charm, Red Coral (coming this summer to the CHS store!)

Loaded Charm Necklace: 18" Chunky Chain, Letter C Charm, Divine Matchstick Charm, Let Go Charm, Large Martini Charm, Lucky Ladybug Charm, Mama Coin with Topaz

Hart Airport Outfit


What to wear for an active surf day at the beach:

Covering up doesn't have to be boring, and our cords are great for the water. 

Half-zip colorful one-piece bikini, like this one from Louisa Ballou

Rainbow Twist Cord with Charleston Enamel Charm and Divine Spark Matchstick Charm, Sky Blue Pearl Cord

Hart Surf Outfit

What to wear post-beach-shower and for an easy night-in cooking dinner: 

File this under one of our favorite've had a long, hot day at the beach, and just stepped out of a rejuvenating outdoor shower. Nothing to do but grab a drink and relax outside barefoot.

Front-tied sarong as a top or dress (pending length) + blue jean shorts + flip flops (tkees in sunkissed)

Pink and Gold Twist Cord + Baroque PearlCosmic Key Charm + Palm Green Pearl Cord, 18" Mini Belcher Chain + Cosmic Heart Charm + Puffy H with Star

Hart Sarong Outfit

What to wear to a concert on the beach:

There's a 99.9% chance your crush will be there, and you want to look effortlessly fun and flirty.

Silky top + white skort (zara) + strappy sandals

Blue and Green Twist Cord + Fish Charm

Sadie Outfit

 What to wear to the rooftop office happy hour:

For when you work a corporate office job but want to be clear you still have a personality. 

Linen double-breasted sleeveless top (Banana Republic) + blue jeans + loafers

Shroom Cord + Flying Pig Coin, Tennis Necklace, 18" Chunky Chain + Let Go Charm

Happy Hour Outfit

What to wear on date night and a summer evening stroll:

Easy white shoulder-tie dress (Marie Oliver) + straw tote bag

Olive Cord + Fish Charm

Loaded Charm Necklace: 18" Chunky ChainLetter C CharmDivine Matchstick CharmLet Go CharmLarge Martini CharmLucky Ladybug CharmMama Coin with Topaz

Hart Date Night



The cord collection lets you be creative with your jewelry, mix and match, and add a touch of color to daily gold and silver grab-n-go neutral pieces. 

Each of our charms come with a jump ring large enough to slide over the cord so you can play around with a few charms, and easily switch it up. 

 Let's have some fun! Shop our entire cord collection here.