TASSEL TALK: Have Earrings, Will Travel


Hart Tassel Earrings

My post-summer blues are kicking in full swing, making me wish I were parading through the cafe-, music-, and stye-filled streets of Amsterdam, Germany, Mallorca, and Paris once again.

It was such an incredible 2.5 weeks meeting new wholesale partners and customers, talking biz with international bloggers, forecasting trends. I soaked up intel, info, and (most importantly) inspo like a sponge.

On a personal level, travel feeds my soul, creativity and drive like nothing else. That trip was full of journaling, drawing, reading, meditating, walking and exploring. I was vulnerable. I dined with strangers. I got lost in the pines. I drank with old friends. I floated in the sea. I drank by myself in a Berlin warehouse.

New ideas, business strategies, content, friends, paradigms, designs...I considered these discoveries like beautiful, precious seeds, which I safely put in my pockets throughout my journey.

A few of these seeds I've already nestled in the ground, cared for, and watched gorgeous, promising sprouts pop up. 

The motivation to cultivate the rest of these seeds has dawned on me with the slight chill of Fall weather. This season holds a lot of promise...I can feel it.

Hart Tassel Earrings