TASSEL TALK: Baby Gold Darlings

Baby Gold Darlings

Hart Tassel Earrings
Who could forget about these Baby Gold Darlings? They're a tad smaller than last season's best-selling Go Go Golds and Champagne Shimmers. I just can't get over the shorter length of these; it makes these Babies a bit more understated and thus more versatile.

With metallic sheen and 18 karat gold-plated studs, they're the ultimate everyday statement earrings that add polish to any look. I love how easily they transition from weddings to weekend brunches... or to Whole Foods runs in jeans and a tee.
Baby Golds will certainly be on constant rotation for holiday parties. But for now, they look extra foxy with what's left of a summer tan and dreamy, white cotton blouses or dresses. Can't wait to rock these babies come the chilly holiday season!