BABES IN HART: Jennifer Beverly

All About Jennifer Beverly:

 Calling all Hart babes! Meet Jennifer Beverly A local Floridian who has a passion for all things beauty related! She is known for her beauty tips and makeup application. Take a look at her portfolio! Not to mention Jennifer sure does know how to rock these Cherry top and Peony Pink Topknots, along with with the stunning Moonbeam White darlings at some of her favorite spots in Orlando. 

 What is your mantra?

Finding the beauty in everyone and everything. Because there is!!!:))

A friend visits Orlando. Where’s the first place you take them?

I’m a foodie so when someone visits Orlando I take them to get fantastic food, depending what type they like!!! There are so many excellent options here from Vegan, Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, to gastropubs. I love fresh options, and the foodie community here has grown here. Depending on the person visiting there's good shopping too! 

What's your favorite #hartearrings outfit?
Hmmm. They can be worn with anything.:) My favorite hart earrings outfit would be jeans and a t- shirt or a cute bodysuit… they can dress up a simple outfit. 


Where did you recently wear your earrings? 
I wore the white earrings to dinner recently while doing a shoot for the Ritz Carlton. They were a hit!
What is inspiring you at the moment?
I’m inspired by all of the beautiful spring blooms in Florida right now! The bougainvillea, flowering trees, and confederate jasmine smell so amazing. The weather is perfect, so you want to be outside! For clothes, I’m loving the fringe jeans and ruffle tops and tassel earrings :)
 What is the last thing you jotted down in your notebook?
The last thing I wrote in my journal…. I love to inspire others with positive thoughts. This is from my recent IG posts. What matters most in the world is not so much what you have done, but the direction you are headed! Life is your stage so shine and dance like there’s nobody watching! Kind of a combination of things that I read that stand out to me:)