BABES IN HART: Raven Roxanne & her Cuba Travel Diary

 I'm lucky to call the talented artist  Raven Roxanne a friend. Raven is known in Charleston - and across the US - for her abstract, feminine and colorful paintings. I always love visiting her studio in the Cigar Factory, which is an open, sunny space that she shares with other badass lady artists like Tiel Duncan. Raven says about her craft, "My artistic practice is a response to the colors, energies, textures, and composition of my life. I have created a lifestyle surrounding my work, thriving on the strength of women, the beauty of imperfection, and the harmony of mental and physical well-being of the figure. Through my work, I hope to invoke a connection for my viewers while representing the truest version of myself."

Raven recently went on a girls trip to Cuba, and she agreed to document her journey with a disposable camera for our #hartonfilm series. I love the shots Raven took all around Havana, wearing her sage topknots


What’s your personal mantra?
 Inhale, let go. Exhale, let go
 A friend visits Charleston. Where’s the first place you take them?
The Battery.
 What is your favorite #justaddhartearrings outfit?
 A fun colorful dress!
The last place you wore your earrings. Any fun earring stories to share?
The last time I wore my earrings, I went to a dance party at the Southern Gallery and I wore them with my Rihanna Puma Sneakers. The perfect combination.
What’s inspiring you at the moment?
I’m currently finding a lot of inspiration from mid century modern graphic design. I’m also drawing a lot of inspiration from interior design. I love seeing how artwork can transform a room.
What’s the last thing you drew in your sketchbook?
Little faces of women. I’m starting to work on the ‘Girls with Flowers’ series and I’m always trying to come up with new ways to break up the face into different shapes.

Cuba Diary

What’s the place in Cuba where you found the most artistic inspiration?
In the decaying architecture in the corridors.
Did you see local art in Havana? Tell us the most compelling thing/gallery/artist you saw.
La Fabrica del Arte Cubano was a really unique space for young artists to explore new
mediums. It had a really fun vibe.
What’s the color palette of Havana? How did the city inspire you?  
The use of bright colors mixed with the decay and everything looking bleached from the sun was so inspiring. Everywhere looked like cool abstract painting.


 The one local thing you recommend to:
 Make sure to stay with an airbnb host that makes you breakfast in the morning.
Where was the most interesting place to visit? 
  The old cemeteries.
What activities did you do? 
We hired a salsa teacher to come to the house. I highly recommend doing that!
Where did you stay? Any hotel recommendations?
 Staying in an airbnb with a local host is the best way to experience the city.