Berlin City Guide with: Nandi

I am so excited that we have our first European stockist: the beautiful Berlin boutique Nandi. We asked the shop curators Leonie and Vanessa to share their favorite travel tips for the incredible city! Check out this excellent interview and be sure to hit all of these spots when traveling.

If you were a tourist or your friend was traveling to the town where would you tell them to stay! 
Soho House Berlin (Torstr. 1)
Michelberger Hotel (Warschauer Str. 39-40)
Hotel Oderberger (Oderberger Str. 57)

What is your favorite spot to grab a bite at?  
- Fechtner Berlin (Torstrasse 144) - healthy and super yummy food in the heart of Berlin and surrounded by some beautiful little streets with cute stores. Excellent for a light lunch.
- Panama (Potsdamer Straße 91) Amazing Interior and the yummiest food! Go there for to enjoy a special dinner.
- Markthalle Neun (Eisenbahnstraße 42/43) a MUST GO to try out different kinds of street food
- Beuster (Weserstraße 32) super chilled out place in the hip area of Neukölln
- Der Goldene Hahn (Pücklerstraße 20) a small but super romantic Italian restaurant in Kreuzberg with the best pasta in town
Where is your favorite drink spot, whether it's a cafe or lounge!
Monkey Bar Berlin (Budapester Straße 38-50) - since you have a fantastic view over the Berlin Zoo and the whole city
Zeit für Brot (Alte Schönhauser Str. 4)- have a coffee and try the famous Cinnamon rolls
Vin Aqua Vin (Weserstraße 204) - charming and pretty cheap wine bar with yummy french food
Apotheke Ora (Oranienplatz 14) - beautiful coffee place and in the evenings you can get some of the best cocktails in town
Brambilla's (Maybachufer 8) - vegan hotspot and the best Donuts in town!
What are the must go shopping places!
Parkhaus (Schröderstraße 13)
The Store (Torstraße 1)
Voo Store (Oranienstraße 24)
Do you have any favorite activities in your area?
Yoga class at Jivamukti Berlin (Brunnenstraße 29)
A hike with the dog through the woods at Grunewald
A nice swim in one of our beautiful lakes like the Liepnitzsee
What is the best spot to SEE
Boros Bunker (Reinhardtstraße 20)
Amerikahaus C/O (Hardenbergstraße 22)
Martin-Gropius-Bau (Niederkirchnerstraße 7)
and the beautiful Naturkunde Museum (Invalidenstraße 43)
Where are you most Inspired in your city?
Botanical Garden (for cacti lovers)
Turkish Market at Maybachufer (to see the a different, vibrating and diverse Berlin surrounded by yummy Arabic food)
The best-selling earrings at your store?
Topknots in the color SAGE
What draws customers in to stop at your store? Why is your store the #1 place to shop?
Because we are selling unique products that are all handcrafted by amazing artisans from around the globe. Our products are all limited and come with a story of the artisan behind it.