Mermaid Shimmers 🐠✨

I'm in love with the new Blue Crush Collection. I know this because, similar to when I fell in love with my man, I've lost my appetite. I can't stop daydreaming about these beautiful blue-hued earrings.

I am particularly enamored by the Mermaid Shimmers, perhaps because they make my green-blue eyes POP! They're similar to our best-selling Rose Gold and Champagne Shimmers... updated in a scintillating, glow-from-within sea foam, sea glass, electric sage, mermaid tail color.

Extra sparkly, you can spot these from a mile away, like a sailboat on a horizon. Just take a look at them on KC Double Take and moi at the Gibbes.

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Mermaid Shimmers give off good, green vibrations, inspiring our song of the week by the Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations."