TASSEL TALK: How to Wear Hart's New Spring Collection

Spring is finally here (seriously, Winter way overstayed her welcome) and so is Hart's new collection of Spring tassels. 

Chartreuse and Blushroom and Sunny Slate, oh my! These hues are creamy, rich, and luxurious -- just like the lovely Spring days we have coming our way.

In preparation for these new colors I thoroughly scrolled through our Pinterest in search of the ultimate outfit inspo per earring.

These looks are begging to be recreated with Hart's Spring tassels, have a look and give them a go.

xoxo, Christina

Beach Topknots & Classics

For when these sunny Spring days turn to chilly Spring evenings, cozy up in your favorite, fluffy sweater and keep all your toasty beach memories close with the Beach tassels.

Blushroom Topknots & Classics

For when you need a little something simple to go with your favorite patterned dress and classic checkered Vans, the Blushroom tassels are a go-to. No doubt.

Rose Gold Shimmers

A budding tan? Yes. A denim two piece set? YES. Rose Gold Shimmers to accent them both? Absolutely.

Chartreuse Topknots & Classics

A little Chartreuse action to go with this slightly punk, very fun, casual look.

Sunny Slate Topknots & Classics

First of all, this blouse is everything. Second, is this skirt not the perfect shade of blue? It's destined to go with some Sunny Slate tassels. Plus sunkissed blonde locks? Sold.

Petal Topknots & Classics 

Name one thing better than an all-white outfit paired with soft Petal tassels... Slightly vintage, super chic, and absolutely perfect.

Rich Kelly Topknots & Classics 

Nix the cigarette, add Rich Kelly tassels. Done. Another stellar Spring look with funky floral vibes.

Spring, thank you for finally arriving. We missed you and we can't wait to accessorize you!