Round Top: Hart's round-up!


I recently had the pleasure to attend my first “Southern C.” What is it, you ask? Southern C is a networking group of female entrepreneurs in the lifestyle/fashion/hospitality industries. Each year, the 'Coterie' puts on retreats and workshops across the South, with the mission for attendees to create, collaborate and connect. I certainly checked all of those boxes at the recent Founders Retreat in Round Top, TX (the antique dreamland of the US). 

During the three-day retreat, I listened to panels discussions with powerhouses including Stephanie Hall of Estelle Colored Glass, Hunter BellAnnemarie Dillard, VP of Dillard’s Online Experience and Digital Marketing, Natalie Steen, of The Nat Note, and Bailey McCarthy of Biscuit Home. Just to name a few!

It felt divinely luxurious (indulgent, maybe?) to escape my typical work and family duties for three full days of just sitting back, drinking it all in, learning from trailblazers and connecting with other founders. The time away was a priceless recharge. I left feeling energized and emboldened with new design ideas, marketing tactics, business connections, collaboration opportunities… and… antiques! 

It was a whirlwind two days of making new friends and meaningful conversations with fellow attendees, including designer Jamie of J. Lowery, photographer Caroline Bramblet and Emily Landers of How’d She Do That

I spent the last few hours with my new friend, artist and interior designer, Mimi Whelan. We traversed acres of antique warehouses, scored some gorgeous antiques dressers and mirrors for my house, and ended the glorious day with spicy margaritas and Tex Mex. 

I am already scheming another trip back to Round Top for more antiquing. The town is brimming with charm and style. Cool bars, posh hotels, and cute cafes are all packed into this one-square-mile town. I think it would make a romantic getaway, or a fun girls trip.

As for Southern C… we are already planning to attend their next event in Sea Island, GA. I can’t wait to dive into more of what my membership gets me. Learn more here

Hart Hagerty antiquing in Round Top, Texas

Round Top / Hart’s Round Up

This is a very short list… for a more comprehensive Round Top guide from a local insider, read this guide by Paige Hull, owner of the Vintage hotel.

HART Mama bracelet and custom charm bracelet in Round Top


The staggering amount of antique vendors in Round Top is truly overwhelming. So I’m going to whittle it down for you. The beautiful Bader Ranch sits atop an idyllic hilltop and has 10,000 square feet of fine European antiques. It's owned by the kind and creative Katy Bader, who also owns the popular Frenchie hotel. After Bader, hightail it to Excess and ask for Jimmy. He’s kind, knowledgeable and has all the good $h*t.

Hart's bungalow at The Vintage in Round Top, Texas


I was happily tucked away into a private bungalow at the Vintage, which was fantastic. Next time, I want to stay in the heart of town at the Frenchie, which is walking distance to a lot of bars and restaurants. 


Fuel your day with breakfast tacos and hot coffee from the quaint Round Top Coffee Shop. For an afternoon pick-me-up, grab a slice at Royers Pie Haven


I’m still daydreaming about the TexMex and margs at Manditos.. The stone and ivy building housing the upscale Italian eatery Lulu’s is romantic. Ellis Motel is so hip it hurts… grab a beer and chill by their fire pits. 

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