Here are a few spring things I’m loving lately. Nothin’ fancy… or particularly ground-breaking, but I’ve been enjoying them repeatedly. 

Spring Things Collage
  1. Citizen of Humanity Paloma Jeans are lightweight, comfortable and chic. They’ll look stylish with sandals and a simple tank this summer. Size down. 
  2. Sezane’s ‘Andie’ cotton cardigan feels substantial without weighing you down. The color and proportions make it the perfect layering piece for Charleston’s mercurial March weather and beyond. I’ll toss it over swimsuits as a warm layer for sunset boat rides come summer. Size down. 
  3. There’s a lot of hype around the ‘Bisou Balm’ of French makeup artist Violette. While I’ll always prefer a zippy orange-red, the berry-hued ‘Amour Fou’ gives my lips a blurry, plumping effect. J’adore!
  4. Prolon 2-Day Fast. My sister Curry got me interested in this fasting program. She’s a fan. It’s not about losing weight; rather, giving my gut a break. I plan to reset once per month. 
  5. While at Goop, I met the founder of Autonomy and sampled his superfood coffee creamer with all the woowoo tinctures packed into a chic tube. Delicious and invigorating, without the caffeine crash.
  6. Converse High-Tops are a low-profile, chill classic that provide a nice contrast to tailored blazers or feminine dresses. Opt for Natural Ivory. 
  7. I spied some chic girls in Los Angeles sporting wavy chrome phone cases, which got me ready to swap out my boring beige with something more playful like this
  8. Hawaiian singer-songwriter Paula Fuga’s enchanting voice and ukulele melodies capture the gentleness and optimism at the beginning of spring.

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