P.S. I HART THIS: What Hart is Gifting

Hart taking mirror selfie wearing baseball hat

Linné Botanicals

I’m a diehard fangirl of Linné Botanicals (and its founder, Jenna) -  bookending each day with my holy grail product, Balance Oil. But the SCRUB mask is a gorgeous treat for anyone – it leaves skin feeling silky, dewy and plump. 

J.J. Martin’s Mama Milano

Designer J.J. Martin lets us into her wonder world of maximalist aesthetics, divine mother energy, and the art of Italian living. The technicolor tome dresses up a coffee table quite nicely, too.

Pickle Ornament

There are many tales behind the tradition of a pickle ornament. The origin story is less interesting to me than just how satisfying it is to hang a silly pickle on your tree. Tee hee!

Charm + Clip Duo

Tell your people you love them. We’ve made it easier to give our best-selling charms by pairing them with our simple charm clip, which can snap onto just about any chain (HART or otherwise). 

Beata Heuman Monster Salt Pinch

This little beast makes a delightful kitchen companion. Created by Swedish design superstar, Beata Heuman, who has mastered the balance of quirk and cool. 


Claire Keegan’s Small Things Like These

This gorgeous book can be devoured in a few hours - ideally by a cozy fire. The Irish writer absolutely dazzled everyone at Charleston’s Literary Festival earlier this November.

Vintage Collegiate Merch

After complaining with my Vandy girlfriends about how lackluster our school merch is, I’m turning to vintage. A winning Ebay search formula is {the recipients’s alma mater} + {vintage} + {hat}.

Siesta Co. 

Rather than bringing yet another bottle of wine to a holiday party, I'm mixing it up Siesta Co. Their Coastal Collection Basket is an epicurean treasure brimming with the finest coastal flavors. Handcrafted in a small artisanal town in Alicante, Spain, their  Spanish tinned fish makes an ideal holiday gift for the food lover in your circle.