Strength Lion Coin NecklaceStrength Lion Coin Necklace

Strength Lion Coin Necklace

From $240.00
Cosmic Key NecklaceCosmic Key Necklace

Cosmic Key Necklace

From $235.00
Resilience Bee Coin NecklaceResilience Bee Coin Necklace

Resilience Bee Coin Necklace

Dainty Heart MAMA NecklaceDainty Heart MAMA Necklace

Dainty Heart MAMA Necklace

Let Go NecklaceLet Go Necklace

Let Go Necklace

Zodiac Coin NecklaceZodiac Coin Necklace

Zodiac Coin Necklace

Evil Eye NecklaceEvil Eye Necklace

Evil Eye Necklace

Lucky Clover NecklaceLucky Clover Necklace

Lucky Clover Necklace

Charleston Enamel Charm NecklaceCharleston Enamel Charm Necklace

Charleston Enamel Charm Necklace

From $320.00
Gold Lurex Necklace CordGold Lurex Necklace Cord

Gold Lurex Necklace Cord

Model's chest showing necklace METUS white enamel charmAMOR text with heart and two stars enamel blue round charm on heirloom chain

Love & Fear Coin Necklace


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