enamel seeing heartenamel seeing heart

Enamel Seeing Heart Charm

Heart of Gold CharmHeart of Gold Charm

Heart of Gold Charm

il bat pour toiil bat pour toi

My Heart Beats for You Charm


Divine Spark Matchstick Charm

oui enamel charmnoui enamel charm

Oui Enamel Charm

backbee with pave wings

Bee with Pavé Wings Charm

fish charmfish charm

Fish Charm

Love & Fear CoinLove & Fear Coin

Love & Fear Coin

cosmic heartcosmic heart

Cosmic Heart Charm

cosmos crosscosmos cross

Cosmos Cross Charm

flying piggyFlying Piggy Charm

Flying Piggy Charm

Baby Heart of Gold CharmBaby Heart of Gold Charm

Baby Heart of Gold Charm

enamel magnetenamel magnet

Enamel Magnet Charm

large martiniLarge Martini Charm

Large Martini Charm

crossroads crosscrossroads cross

Crossroads Cross Charm


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