Large Smiley Face CharmLarge Smiley Face Charm

Large Smiley Face Charm

Large Cross CharmLarge Cross Charm

Large Cross Charm

Oui CharmOui Charm

Oui Charm

Lucky Star Charm (Evil Eye)Lucky Star Charm (Evil Eye)

Lucky Star Charm (Evil Eye)

Man in the Moon CharmMan in the Moon Charm

Man in the Moon Charm

Elephant CharmElephant Charm

Elephant Charm

Shroomy CharmShroomy Charm

Shroomy Charm

Round Amour CharmRound Amour Charm

Round Amour Charm

Let Go CharmLet Go Charm

Let Go Charm

Small Eye CharmSmall Eye Charm

Small Eye Charm

Arrow Heart CharmArrow Heart Charm

Arrow Heart Charm

Aquarius Zodiac CharmAquarius Zodiac Charm

Aquarius Zodiac Charm

Gemini Zodiac CharmGemini Zodiac Charm

Gemini Zodiac Charm

Leo Zodiac CharmLeo Zodiac Charm

Leo Zodiac Charm

Taurus Zodiac CharmTaurus Zodiac Charm

Taurus Zodiac Charm

Pisces Zodiac CharmPisces Zodiac Charm

Pisces Zodiac Charm


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