Lucy Cuneo is a Charleston-based photographer, blogger, new mom and all-around sweetheart. Upon meeting Lucy at a few lunches and events, I could immediately tell that Lucy is a genuine, loving and open person. She is a giver! Or as she describes herself, "a natural over-sharer." 

More than a purveyor of pretty pictures, she is passionate about sharing her photography tips with her fans. It's clear she wants to do more than 'influence;' she wants to be as helpful a resource as possible. Just look at her Photography Q&A or her fantastic Instagram flat-lay guide
I recently gave Lucy a few earrings. She texted me, "Would you mind if I made a video? I have an idea!" Of course I jumped at the magnanimous offer from this style-maker. After just a couple of days, she sent me this gem of video below along with the blogpost: "5 Ways to Wear Hart Earrings." Lucy gets why I love my earring so much: their effortless versatility. She says, "They are truly perfect for every occasion, from work wear to a night out, dressing up for a poolside lunch or even a cozy day at home."

Thank you Lucy for sharing your creativity with the world! I can't wait to watch you soar and am so happy you are in Charleston!
Can you tell me the inspiration or creative process behind the video? I love when you share your creative process! 
The idea came to me in my sleep.  We have a studio in our home office so I thought it would be fun to practice our video skills and style the earrings in 5 different ways.  Will, my husband, and I work together so a few of the ideas for what I should be doing were his.  We made a few versions of every clip, brought them into iMovie and toyed around with the order before sending them off to be professionally edited by my very talented friend Nick Blatt, who made it all look smooth and playful!
What else is inspiring your creativity at the moment?
Light and travel.  I am inspired by post-sunset, pre-sundown candle lit glow right now and the combination of the dusty blue sky with pink is very exciting.  We have also been so lucky to travel this summer which makes picture taking so easy!
What's last place you traveled to in your Hart earrings?
I wore my lavender topknots on the plane to Martha’s Vineyard!
What is your favorite #justaddhartearrings outfit?
Gosh I love them so much.  I love how the white top knots have dressed up a fun red dress for evening, they make me feel so sparkly and great!
 Something that your readers may not know about you. 
I lived grew up in D.C., London, Seattle, LA and New York!  I never know how to answer the question, “where are you from?” Without complicating it!
A friend visits Charleston. Where’s the first place you take them?
Sullivan’s!!  We go there nearly every day (or we used to pre-baby) and my go to restaurant is the Obstinate Daughter.
Speaking of babies... what's your favorite part about being a mom?
It is pure magic.  He is now getting to the phase where he nuzzles in for a cuddle and it gets me every time!
What's your driving force that you wake up with each day?
Do it now, suck it up, trust your gut. My dad said that to Me. Once and I do live by it!!