BABES IN HART: Olivia Muniak

All about Olivia Muniak:

Who doesn't love traveling between the East and West coast? Everyone needs a bit of 'seasons' in their life, as for Olivia Muniak she sure does agree with this mantra. The creative director living in the city that never sleeps, NY, NY and the city of angels, Los Angels, has worked with some of the biggest fashion and cosmetic brands that are out there. Muniak has worked with Benefit Cosmetics and Levi Jeans, in 2012 the stylish blonde moved back to New York City to further her career in fashion, she went on to manage North American sales accounts for Aquazzura Fratelli Rossetti and Fred Salvador. Later on, Olivia joined her family business Mangia which is one of the most well-known restaurants in Manhattan, from then she realized her passion for branding and discovering social media platforms for companies. Today Olivia has expanded on that love and works freelance with clients spanning fashion, wellness, and hospitality, all of which she displays on her excellent blog! thepursuitseries We gave her a pair of black Topknots, and she sure does know how to work them with her casual yet chic outfit!    
What’s your personal mantra?
 When the going gets tough, I like to remind myself that I am always exactly where I’m supposed to…basically "Everything is gonna be alright” Bob Marley just popped into my head!  
 A friend visits NYC or LA. Where’s the first place you take them?
 In NYC, I would take them to drinks at  Hotel Delmano, dinner at Charlie Bird and a nightcap at Soho House Rooftop In LA I would take them to Gjelina and then watch the sunset at Malibu at Little Beach House Malibu  
What is your favorite #justaddhartearrings outfit?
Levis (skirt or jeans) + crisp white shirt + black mules. 
 The last place you wore your earrings (party, travel, etc). Any fun earring stories to share?
To view my new apartment in LA! “I’ve been wearing them nonstop” ...
Black Topknots 
What’s inspiring you at the moment?
The people I’m working with, after just moving to LA I’m meeting with all my new clients and we are creatively brainstorming and I’m getting really inspired about all the upcoming projects I’ll be working on with them…some major changes happening on soon!