TASSEL TALK: Brides Magazine Feature

Thank you Brides.com for including Hart tassel earrings in your story, "The Indie Jewelry Pieces Any Boho Bride Will Love." I am honored to be included amongst super cool, creative and chic indie jewelry designers like A. Jaffe (the map pendant is amazing) and Jennifer Behr (her crowns are gorgeous).

Amber Katz, Brides.com editor who wrote the story, had some lovely things to say about my Lucky Peach Darlings:

Supremely light, these dangling earrings are ideal for the trendy bride who wants to pair her updo with a little ear drama. At only $58, these swingy tassels make excellent bridesmaids' gifts as well—even if you're rolling deep, bridal-party-wise. They're available in a range of hues, but we're partial to this peachy color, created with a sparkly metallic thread.