TASSEL TALK: Elle.com Feature

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Atlanta before my brand’s first trade show, a bit anxious over what the next hectic four days will bring. But I’m taking a moment to let the immense gratitude for this Elle feature on my jackets reverberate in my bones.

Most of y’all know me for my earrings, but my jackets are my babies. My labor of love. To me, they’re my highest form of creative expression yet (creativity is always work in progress, and I have a lot to learn). Many people ask me, "Why don't you mass produce your jackets with cheap embroidery to sell more?" I don't want to degrade them like that.



Fortunately, the recent success of my earrings (working directly with a few shanghai artisans) and finding my incredible studio in Charleston has given me the financial ability, creative inspiration and physical space to create my jackets again in the best way I see possible: as one-to-one, made-to-order, modern heirlooms that women can pass on to their daughters. Thank you to Maura, Alex and Landon for helping me share my story. It was published at a pivotal growth moment for my business, and underscores my values as a creator🙏🏻 🌙 I really love how the universe works! ✨💫Lots of love and gratitude to you all for your support! Ok, Atlanta Apparel, let’s do this 📸 by the scintillating and sexy @landon_neil