TASSEL TALK: Olive Green Fatties and Navy Blue Topknots

I want to tell you about my two (current) favorites from the Fall Collection: the Olive Green Fatties and Navy Blue Topknots. I wore them all summer with this guilty feeling of hiding a secret lover or something. But now that they're online, I can profess my love from the rooftops! 

This isn't a complicated, messy love. I'm crushing hard because they're just really, really pretty.

I've never been a navy blue girl, but now I'm certain it's the most flattering, versatile color on the planet. Y'all must already know this because this color is flying out the door fast.


My other color crush, olive green, is an unexpected neutral that will totally ignite hazel, green, or blue eyes. Meow! They dress-up my weekday uniform of white blouses by Isabel Marant and APC jeans. Just imagine how chic they'll look with camel, grey or black cashmere sweaters come autumn.