TASSEL TALK: The Ultimate Festival Outfit

Festival season. The one time of year where fashion and music collide in the dreamiest of ways. For those of you that have been able to make your way out to a festival like Coachella or Governor's Ball, you know it's such a powerful experience to have everyone around you sharing such a positive, radiant and most of all fun vibe. This season, I'll be punching up my look with a fresh pair of tassels from my new Festival Collection. They're hot off the press and waiting to add that effortless, glowing pop of color to your festival attire.

One of my favorite things about my tassel earrings is their versatility. They fit the boho-babe vibe that festivals are known for, but they can also look chic with more streamlined looks. My earrings allow women of all tastes to add bright, colorful personality to their outfit that is both playful and sophisticated.

This balance between boho and cool-chic was inspired by my forever muse, Jane Birkin. She's the ultimate 60's/70's style icon, and I wonderered what a young Jane would have worn to Coachella. The answer is somewhere between iridescence and boldness.

I think Jane would have worn this look to a Coachella pool party:)

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One of my favorite snaps from Festival Collection shoot in NYC last month! Go bold with a pair of Pool Party Blue's to complete your next festival look.

Starting in the spring and continuing on throughout the summer, festival season has proved itself to be a perfect combination of long days full of blue skies, scorching sun rays and the occasional rain shower. Have no fear! Hart earrings are designed to take on a little wear and tear. The Festival Collection features many Darlings, which are similar to the Fatties except slimmer with more shimmer! While not invincible, they can hold up against a big night out of being tossed into handbags and smushed in a sweaty concert crowd.

The Neon Pink Fatties are my favorite pair from the Festival Collection. They'll look gorgeous against a sun-kissed tan this summer!

Next week, I'll be making my way down to Miami for Ultra Music Festival! I can't wait to share my photos and stories with you all, and you know I'll be sporting a pair of earrings from the Festival Collection! Keep an eye out on my Instagram for a full update throughout the weekend.

P.S. - A pair of Festival Collection earrings aren't the only statement piece by Hart that'll turn heads at Coachella this spring...take a look at what Vogue had to say about my Asian rooted embroidered jackets here.