BABES IN HART: Margaret Wright

All About Margaret Wright:
Margaret Wright is a photographer in Charleston. She loves how brands identify themselves through images, as they are trying to portray a story. I've shot a couple of stories with Margaret, and she's always such a joy to be around! Not to mention, she's super talented. I gave her a pair of Lucky Peach Darlings and Cornflower Blue Fatties to model for herself, asking her to get in front of the camera! You can found out more about Margaret on her blog here as well as Instagram of course. 
What’s your personal mantra?
I believe there is beauty all around us, but we don't always remember to notice it. As a photographer, I'm on a journey to capture and share the beauty I find in the every day, and I hope it spreads the joy and gratitude I feel when wonder strikes me. Confucius say, "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." (He really did say that.)
A friend visits Charleston. Where’s the first place you take them?
The Charleston Farmer's Market, where we would load up on coffee and crepes to begin a long day of exploring the city on foot. Marion Square is the perfect, central location to start a day downtown.
You visit your old Nashville. Where’s the first place you go/eat / drink? First stop?
Hot chicken at Prince's. It's the one thing the Nashville food scene has that you can't find anywhere else.
What is your favorite #justaddhartearrings outfit? 
 Once you get a pair of tassel earrings, it's a daily battle not to wear them with every. Single. outfit. They add so much personality! My absolute favorite #justaddhartearrings outfit would be this 70's style high neck tangerine jumpsuit paired with my sky blue fatties. I don't normally wear a ton of color, but something about that pairing makes me feel like Beyonce-circa-Austin-Powers in the best possible way. 
The last place you wore your earrings (party, travel, etc.). Any fun earring stories to share?
 I wore my tassel earrings to grab drinks with a group of no less than 12 of my gal pals and had every single one of them individually ask where I got them. I had to send out a link to the shop at the end of the night so they'd leave me alone!
What’s inspiring you at the moment?
The blooming magnolias.
You shoot a lot of engagement photos. What do you think are the 10 most beautiful spots for engagement photoshoots in Charleston?