BABES IN HART: Kayti Oldham

All About Kayti Oldham:
The family oriented, earring loving, beauty blogger has been blogging since forever. Kaytis hopes are to empower women, to be comfortable with or without makeup. Follow her blog at not only does she know where to find the best products but she also loves adding details to her look with her very own #hartearring, doesn't she look amazing in these Sage Topknots and Disco Darlings?!? 
What’s your personal mantra? 
 My personal mantra I created with my husband to help our son who is in kindergarten, but it runs through my head a lot! "I am brave, I am kind, I help others, and I never give up, but most importantly my family loves me no matter what." It sounds cheesy as I type it out, but it has helped me find the confidence to approach big brands and to stick with the laundry or my business even when things get tricky or difficult.
I’m sure you get asked this a lot... What's your favorite drugstore makeup/beauty find? And which 'fancy makeup' is worth the splurge?
 My favorite budget friendly find have been the brands Morphe and Colourpop!! I know you can't find them at the drugstore, but each of these brands carry brushes, lipstick, and eyeshadows that are STAPLES in my daily beauty routine! I think that it is critical to invest in the things that sit on your skin the longest: primer and foundation! Since I have sensitive-acne-prone skin, I make sure that what I am putting on my face is HELPING my skin, not hurting it!
What is your favorite #justaddhartearrings outfit?
The funny thing is, these days, I am picking out my earring FIRST and building an outfit around them. I am so obsessed with the tassel earrings, and they are so comfortable to wear that I try to integrate them into my everyday! A simple t-shirt and jeans are amplified with the earrings though, and that is my go-to these days.
Where was the last place you wore your earrings?
 I wear earrings almost daily! Most outfits feel incomplete without something dangling from my ears. I last wore a great statement earring when I was in invited to speak at a conference, and I got SO MANY compliments on them. I am really self-conscience about my skin (I have adult acne), so I love wearing earrings to draw the attention away from my skin and toward my ears!
What’s inspiring you at the moment? 
 I am inspired right now by the sunshine and unique pops of color! When the sun is out, I am more motivated to put myself together, get outside and breathe fresh air. When I am applying makeup lately, I want at least ONE thing on my face to make a statement or be slightly innovative and different. I love a glossy lid, a bright lip or an unusual blush color to set me apart from the "every day."
What’s the last thing you jotted down in your journal/notebook?
 I use my phone as my notebook, and it is a combination of funny quotes that my kids have said and new ideas/products/projects that I have on my Instagram feed!