TASSEL TALK: Over the Moon Blog

Over the Moon, your praises about my tassel earrings are making me blush big time. Thank you! This beautiful site is full of gorgeous wedding inspiration curated by editors at Alexandra Macon of Vogue.com and Andee Olson of The Coveteur.

We heart them because they’re showstoppers (you can’t wear them without getting compliments), and with so many different styles, they’re the perfect bridesmaid’s gift for each girl in your group. Plus, at $48, the price point is just right.

In their lovely post, OTM suggested my tassel earrings as the perfect bridesmaid gifts. They are definitely onto something, as I've seen more and more brides in the last month or so giving them to their best friends.

With so many different colors and styles to choose from, I would like to think of my earrings as a fool-proof gift for girlfriends -- from birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers... the list goes on.

Thank you OTM!