CHARLESTON CITY GUIDE: Wedding venues with Gillian Ellis

All About Gillian Ellis:
"Going to the chapel and were gonna get married." Calling all brides, Gillian Ellis has the inside scoop on the most beautiful places to say "I do" Ellis is a photographer for weddings, portraits, and products. She sure does have an eye for moments and knows the beautiful places that will capture that big day! Follow her on her blog and be sure to note the spectacular places that will make your day look fantastic on and off camera.  
 What’s your personal mantra? 
“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” I came across this quote a few years ago, and it stuck with me. You can be educated, talented, productive or cool but how you treat people ultimately tells all.
     A friend visits Charleston. Where’s the first place you take them?
 I love to show friends around Charleston! I would probably bring them for lunch at 167 Raw followed by a bike ride around town then we would hop over to Mt. Pleasant for coffee at Vintage Café and sunset on Sullivan’s.
What is your favorite #justaddhartearrings outfit? 
I love wearing my pink topknots with a striped shirt or my favorite pink dress from Anthropologie – but honestly, they go with everything!
Where is the last place you wore your earrings?
I just got back from a week in Jamaica and wore my earrings every day. We took a three-hour catamaran cruise around the island, and my Hart earrings were the perfect companion!
 What’s inspiring you at the moment? (book, song, podcast, artist, website)
To be honest, I’m inspired by Teen Vogue right now. I love their recent shift towards covering social issues.
 List the most beautiful Wedding Venues In + Near Charleston


1 .Runnymede Plantation

2. Palmetto Bluff

3. The Confederate Home and Gardens

4. Middleton Place

5. The Gadsen House

6 .The Carriage House at Magnolia Plantation

7.Lowndes Groves

8.The Ocean Course at Kiawah