P.S. I HART THIS: Kindle Paperwhite + Libby App

Fully convinced we are all exploits of the Attention Economy, I’ve started to consider my iPhone as more of a pocket-sized opium den than an all essential-tool. In my constant effort to reduce mindless Insta-scrolling that just makes me feel, well, terrible about myself,  I purchased a Paperwhite Kindle and downloaded the Libby app, which lets me download free library books. While I adore a physical book, I simply can’t beat the convenience of Kindle, especially for someone who travels as much as I do. Bonus: when I wake up in the middle of the night, I don’t need to turn on a light to read and disturb my husband’s slumber. My Paperwhite is a delightfully efficient machine with no glare, no color, no bells nor whistles, no distractions, no notifications, and no temptations to scroll.

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